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Riding Alaska’s Riverboat Discovery

When you think of a riverboat captain, you probably think of life on the Mississippi, Ohio or Missouri. Instead, we’ll ride a river in Alaska…

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Building An Alaskan Highway

It’s a chore for most states to build and repair roads and bridges. Mary Carey fought with her state for ten years to simply get a road… SharePrintEmail

Headed North To Alaska

Jean Richardson’s mother had always dreamed of moving to Alaska and teaching school there. When she did move north, the opportunity she was given was one most people would not accept, but it still turned out to be a place she put down roots… SharePrintEmail

An Iceberg Expert

If there is such a thing as a famous iceberg, it would probably be the chuck of ice that sunk the Titanic. If there is such a thing as an expert on icebergs, it would probably be Mary Bloom… SharePrintEmail

Alaska’s Famous Ice

Alaska has plenty to offer visitors when it comes to natural beauty. One of the most popular attractions for tourists is to board a ship and see the ice that the state is famous for… SharePrintEmail

The Largest Wooden Frame Structure in the World

It is a place that really must be seen to be fully appreciated.  It’s the largest wooden frame structure in the world and a place that will help unlock the mysteries of a story we’ve known since childhood SharePrintEmail

No Other Boat Like This

Maybe you have a boat you enjoy taking on the water to fish, ski or just relax.  It’s safe to say you don’t have a boat like this.  In fact, there’s only one person that ever did have this boat and the folks here want you to learn all about it… SharePrintEmail

Not a Covered Bridge

Most people see this structure and think it’s just a covered bridge.  That answer is partially correct.  When you uncover the details about what you are looking at, you’ll realize you are gazing at the last one of these in the entire nation… SharePrintEmail

The Power Source Before Electricity

Today we flip a switch and use electricity to run most conveniences around our homes and businesses.  However, before the days of electricity, this power source was one of the most important in early America… SharePrintEmail

Getting From One Point to Another

In the days before roads crisscrossed the nation, rivers served as one of the best ways to get from one point to another.  And when a river wasn’t available, some locations made their own waterway to spur growth… SharePrintEmail

Fire In the Form of Vegetables

If you play with fire your liable to get burned.  But on Jim Lidle’s farm, fire is what they grow.  It’s fire in the form of vegetables… SharePrintEmail

The Little Giant

Abraham Lincoln led the country through the Civil War…but it was this man who defeated him for the senate just two years prior.  We’ll go to the home of the man known as the little giant… SharePrintEmail

A Small Chapter of the Civil War

Whether you are a student of history or not, we each know something about the Civil War.  However, the next chapter is one few have heard about yet it’s one that is very important.  It’s the tale of a very determined lady who worked tirelessly to help those in need… SharePrintEmail

A Rock Festival

A lot of cities will hold a festival centered around rock – but we’re not talking about rock music.  For it’s a real rock that will fill all the hotel rooms in this city in the fall and have people driving from states away… SharePrintEmail

An Odd Rock With An Odd Name

The name of this rock is just as odd as it looks.  Yet it is a rock that puts this place on the map.  We go in search of the unusual and beautiful… SharePrintEmail

All Kinds of Currencies

One, five, ten, twenty? Those are the denominations of bills we normally see when paying for items. Now imagine that not only were there more denominations, but there were dozens of different types of bills in circulation. What you would have is a major mess–and that’s exactly what banking could be like in the 1850’s… […]

Part of Chicago’s Famous Park Landscape

This famous architect was hired to design one of Chicago’s famous park landscapes.  No sooner did he design it than park employees began mowing down all of his flowers.  What Alfred Caldwell did next perhaps made this the well-known spot it is today… SharePrintEmail

The King of Smokejumpers

You might be a little crazy to jump out of an airplane and fight a fire.  So what does it mean if you’ve done it over 800 times?  We speak with a smokejumper and discuss the king of the career… SharePrintEmail


When a forest fire flames up in a remote area, it may be Dan Ryan’s crew that is called in to fight the blaze. This is the story of the smokejumpers… SharePrintEmail

A Career of Jumping Out of Planes and Fighting Fires

Imagine a job that combines jumping out of airplanes and fighting fires.  Now imagine you want to make it your career.  We visit with one of those men, a forest service smokejumper… SharePrintEmail

The Biggest Race of Its Kind

Imagine a race that might last over three days and in that time, you may not sleep at all, or very little, with the ground for a bed.  It may not sound that appealing, but it’s a race that draws plenty of participants for the biggest of its kind… SharePrintEmail

Days of Sprinting

Folks in Clinton, Missouri know there is quite a racer in their midst, a man who’s sprint was not measured in minutes or seconds, but rather in days… SharePrintEmail

Pastures Full of Danger

The Wright Brothers made their first flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  However, it was the farmers around Dayton that helped them perfect the plane.  However, those pastures were they trained were full of dangers… SharePrintEmail

Before First Flight

Although Kitty Hawk, North Carolina received most of the attention regarding the Wright Brothers first flight, it was this Ohio city were much of the work took place before and after that inaugural flight.  It’s a place where Orville Wright was skipping school at the age of six…for what he thought was a very good […]

Clean Water and Good Health

Clean water is an important part of maintaining good health.  So it may seem odd to us today that thousands of people once drank some of the nastiest smelling water on Earth, all in an effort to promote better health… SharePrintEmail

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