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Rapid City’s Historical Museum

Today we say hello to our listeners on KOTA in Rapid City, South Dakota.  Residents there know of an amazing local museum that tells the story of the history of this area…

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Alibates Flint

It’s called Alibates flint…and this spot in the panhandle of Texas is the only place in the world where you can find it.  Not only was it valuable as a tool, but it was so important that it was even used as currency in a sense… SharePrintEmail

The Discovery of Black Hills Gold

Perhaps you’ve heard of Black Hills gold.  Its discovery rapidly changed life in today’s western South Dakota… SharePrintEmail

One of the First Oil Boom Towns

In a moment we head to oil country in the U.S…but this isn’t a trip to Oklahoma, Texas or even Alaska…but a journey rather to one of the first oil boom towns in the country… SharePrintEmail

Lining Up for Repeat Purchases

Marketing and advertising are keys to getting a product known and bought by consumers.  Perhaps no one did it better than a gentleman from Hasting, Nebraska whose marketing plans had kids lining up at the grocery store for repeat purchases… SharePrintEmail

Part of the Meal for Troops

It was a part of some meals served to U.S. troops during World War II.  However, you probably don’t associate this drink with life in combat… SharePrintEmail

The Story of Edwin Perkins

Today we say hello to our listeners on KHAS in Hastings, Nebraska.  Residents have probably heard of a man named Edwin Perkins, but have you? SharePrintEmail

Springing Up a State Capital Overnight

If a city grows quickly, we might say it sprang up overnight.  This state capital literally sprang into existence in just one night… SharePrintEmail

Running to Get a Deal

If you found a great deal on a house of a piece of land, we might say that we ran to get the deal.  In 1889, thousands literally ran to get a deal… SharePrintEmail

The First Professional African American Baseball Player

Who was the first African American major league baseball player.  Most say Jackie Robinson.  However, residents of this town say it was another man who did it decades earlier… SharePrintEmail

Keokuk, Iowa–Major League Baseball Town?

You probably don’t think of Keokuk, Iowa as a town that could support a Major League Baseball team.  But that was once the case and that team has an important place in history… SharePrintEmail

The Name and the Story Behind An Indiana Couple

Many fourth graders are required to study their states history.  If you live in Indiana you probably studied this name.  Perhaps all of us should know the name and story behind this couple… SharePrintEmail

“Fair Trade” During the Civil War

Perhaps you’ve heard of “fair trade” products you can purchase in this country that guarantee the producers in developing nations are paid a fair wage for their work.  We may think it’s a relatively new idea, but you can find the idea being practiced before the Civil War… SharePrintEmail

Carrying On Without Saying A Word

The work of the Underground Railroad needed to be secretive of course.  But it seems many in this town knew what was going on, yet there was good reason to simply carry on without saying a word… SharePrintEmail

The Secretive Work of the Couple From Fountain City

In Fountain City, Indiana you will find an older brick home with quite a story.  If you step inside you’ll learn the secretive, yet important work of the couple you lived there… SharePrintEmail

A Museum for Things Left Behind

It’s a simple memorial.  140 black granite panels containing over 58,000 names.  A simple memorial with deep meaning.  A place where people come to reflect and a place where people often leave things behind… SharePrintEmail

Where Thousands Come to Pay Respect

This Washington D.C. memorial is just a kid when compared to monuments to Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson that are nearby.  But in it’s short life, this has become a place where thousand come to pay respects and remember the price of freedom… SharePrintEmail

Not “Just” a Wall

A few years ago I sat on a park bench and visited with a man about a wall he helped build.  This isn’t any ordinary man and this is far from “just” a wall.. SharePrintEmail

Leaving Your Hospital Bed to Fight

By 1864 the situation the situation in Macon, Georgia was so dire that men in the hospital were asked to leave their beds and defend the city.  The marks of that battle can still be seen on some of the buildings here… SharePrintEmail

The Cannonball House

The city of Macon, Georgia is still a place where you can find elegant plantation mansions…homes of some of the wealthiest southerners built in the years before the Civil War. There’s one nicknamed the Cannonball House… SharePrintEmail

The Importance of a Cesium Atom

If I said I’d be back in a second…I’d literally be back in 9,192, 631,770 cycles of a cesium atom.  Why is that important…well, the cycles of that cesium atom have a lot more to do with life that you ever imagined… SharePrintEmail

Measuring Time

For most of human history…the movement of the sun, moon and planets has been used to measure time.  But even the ancients knew that the rotating earth was not 100 percent accurate.  That’s where Tom O’Brien comes in… SharePrintEmail

The Most Accurate Clock on Earth

It’s the most accurate clock on earth…and it doesn’t even have hands to tell the time.  It’s an unusual but very important clock… SharePrintEmail

A Motel With a Radio in Every Room

This motel advertisers a “radio in every room.”  Perhaps it doesn’t sound too elegant, but it’s doing a nice business on the same spot for the last 80 years or so… SharePrintEmail

Movie Stars on Wide-Open Roads

There was a time when the movie stars of the day did not fly to their destination, but rather drove their own expensive cars on the wide-open roads.  This story is about one such star on a trip… SharePrintEmail

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