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Living In a Chicken Coop

Sometimes cities grow so quickly, it’s hard for people to find a place to live.  Here the rush was so great, some began living in chicken coops just to have a roof over their head…

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A Tour of Naval Vessels New and Old

If you drive to this town, you’re likely to see many vessels, both new and old, from the U.S. Navy.  The reason for that goes back over a century… SharePrintEmail

The Denver Sleigh Works

Santa needs a sleigh to make deliveries around the world. This man makes sure he will never run out of transportation… SharePrintEmail

The Edmund Fitzgerald

If not for a song, this tragedy could have been forgotten by many.  However, when you hear the lyrics you’ll immediately know the tale of a ship and her crew… SharePrintEmail

Shelter In A Storm

A harbor is not only a place to load and unload cargo, but it can provide shelter in the face of a storm.  But that’s the problem, there just aren’t any safe harbors here and that makes this a particularly treacherous place to sail… SharePrintEmail

A Museum Devoted to Wrecks

If you don’t slow down, you might have a wreck.  Here, if you don’t slow down, heed the weather, the fog, the gale force winds and much more…well, you’ll be lucky if you don’t eventually have a wreck.  Many have and that’s why there’s a museum devoted to the subject… SharePrintEmail

Exploring the Ships Around the Soo Locks

If you venture to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, you may go to see the Soo Locks.  Some folks also want the experience of climbing on board one of the big ships that pass thru that waterway and for that, they may come here… SharePrintEmail

Valley Camp

It’s called the Valley Camp, and no it’s not a campground and no it’s not in a valley.  But that’s the name and it’s one of the biggest draws here… SharePrintEmail

The Oldest City in Michigan

What is the oldest city in Michigan?  We’ll give you a moment to ponder the answer and the founder and then return… SharePrintEmail

Don’t Break My Heart

You probably either loved it or hated it – the song Achy, Breaky Heart.  It was a song that Don Von Tress thought was pretty good, but he could have never imagined how far it would go… SharePrintEmail

The Song With Roots in the Drive Thru

It all began in the drive thru line at Hardee’s.  That was the place that inspired one of the most well-known songs in country music… SharePrintEmail

A Skilled Songwriter

We often know songs by who sings them instead of who writes them.  Today we visit with one very skilled writer… SharePrintEmail

Thanksgiving at Berkley Plantation

You may have thought Thanksgiving dates back to the Pilgrims of Plymouth Colony in today’s state of Massaschusettes.  But, in a moment we’ll travel to the farm that claims to have held that first feast many years prior… SharePrintEmail

Thanksgiving at Plymouth Rock

Each Thanksgiving we are likely to remember the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock.  But is that rock really the spot they disembarked? SharePrintEmail

Mummy Bundles

Today’s show is about something called mummy bundles.  That term may give you scary visions of Halloween goblins, but it may be quite the opposite… SharePrintEmail


When you think of mummies, you perhaps have pictures of Eqyptian mummies and the pyramids. But today’s program will take you far beyond what you probably know…   SharePrintEmail

How the Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

It’s said the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Russell’s problem was that he had plenty of squeaking wheels and none of them were getting any grease… SharePrintEmail

Ali vs. Frazier

It was Ali versus Frazier. Not that Ali versus Frazier, but their kids… SharePrintEmail

Not Listening To Her Father

Sometimes parents influence their children in a direction they think best for them.  In this case, the father encouraged the daughter not to follow in his footsteps.  She didn’t listen and became a champ herself… SharePrintEmail

Hearing about “The Champ” From His Daughter

He was simply known as “the champ.”  He had the physical abilities to take him to the top of his sport and the social abilities that drew large crowds SharePrintEmail

A World Without Sight or Sound

Imagine a world in which you could not see anything nor hear a sound.  That was this lady’s world, yet she overcome the obstacle to touch lives around the world… SharePrintEmail

Teachers and Challenging Students

Sometimes teachers encounter challenging students.  This student went so far as to lock their teacher in the classroom and throw away the key SharePrintEmail

A Remarkable Story

Today there are resources to help those with physical challenges, but a century ago that was often not the case.  That is what makes this lady’s story even more remarkable… SharePrintEmail

The Girl Who Grew Up at Ivy Green

In Tuscumbia, Alabama you’ll find a homestead named Ivy Green.  And if you don’t know that name, you certainly know the little girl who grew up there… SharePrintEmail

Win One For the Gipper

You most likely know this football player, not for what he did on the gridiron, but instead for what he said just before he died… SharePrintEmail

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