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The Second Governor of Arkansas

He was the second governor of Arkansas – a U.S. Senator and a man who led troops in battle.  However he may best be known for his burials…that’s plural.   We uncover the story behind the namesake of Yellville, Arkansas…

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A Man Who Voted to Stay With the Union

During the Civil War, some states along the border of north and south had two state governments, one aligned with the union and the other with the confederacy.  If you head to this city, you’ll learn the story of one man who voted to stay with the Union… SharePrintEmail

One of the Oldest Homes in Fayetteville

It’s one of the oldest homes in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  When you know the list of occupants, you really get a snapshot of the history of this place…and it’s a home you can still see today… SharePrintEmail

Willa Cather’s Hometown

This place owes much of it’s identity to someone who passed away in 1947.  As the years passed, holding on to that history became more challenging.  But if you come here today, the town and the story are as vibrant as ever… SharePrintEmail

Important Stories To This Town

Perhaps you’ve never heard of Willa Cather.  If not, you should.  She’s a Pulitzer Prize winning author who penned many novels based on her life on the high plains.  They are stories for all, but stories especially important in one small town… SharePrintEmail

The Right Type of Syrup

Lots of people enjoy pure maple syrup.  But if you ask this farmer what he thinks of it, well you’ll quickly find that he doesn’t think it is even close to the right type of syrup you need for breakfast… SharePrintEmail

A Farm With Its Own Museum

Joe’s farm is so old he has his own museum.  He’ll show it to you if you come to visit.  The items are quite remarkable, not only to his own land, but the heritage of farming in the south… SharePrintEmail

A Farm With A Long Lineage

In some parts of the country having a farm that is over a century old is quite an accomplishment.  For Joe, well, he can trace his farms lineage to before the founding of this country… SharePrintEmail

All Ears On A Small Town

Fulton, Missouri is today a town of about 10,000 people.  When compared to the cities of the world it is quite small.  However, for one day in 1946, all ears where listening to a speech that would prove prophetic – words delivered by a world leader about the rise of a new world power… SharePrintEmail

A Big Name With a Big Speech

Many colleges invite dignitaries to their campus to give a lecture.  But this was no ordinary speaker and this was not a simple lecture in a classroom.  This was a big name and an even bigger speech… SharePrintEmail

A Symbol of Determination in the Face of Crisis

He was a symbol of determination in the face of crisis – a man who led one of the great nations of the world against a dictator hungry for global domination.  We look back on the life that led him to the world stage… SharePrintEmail

An Inspiration for Small Town Basketball Teams

Once upon a time, I started for my high school basketball team in the smallest class of schools at King City, Missouri.  We were one game shy of making it to the state’s final four.  Back then, many of us could draw inspiration from another small town that beat the biggest of schools to win […]

A Town You May Know As Hickory

There’s a chance you’ve heard of Milan, Indiana, but many of you have not.  Or maybe you did but you know it by a different name.  For if you have watched one very well-known sports movie, then you may know this town as Hickory SharePrintEmail

A Determined Person in Waynesville, Missouri

Sometimes all it takes is one determined person.  That was the case in Waynesville, MO.  If not for one such lady, this well visited spot would not exist… SharePrintEmail

The Old Stagecoach Stop

It’s simply known as the “Old Stagecoach Stop.”  That title gives you an idea of what the building might have been used for, but stop by and you’ll find much, much more… SharePrintEmail

A Museum That Curates the Old

You think of a museum as a place that preserves the old.  Here, the museum curates the old, but it’s also a link to this small town’s future… SharePrintEmail

Filling Up the Empty Storefronts

Storefronts that were once full, were empty.  What could be done?  How could a small town of 1000 turn it around?  Here’s one place making it happen… SharePrintEmail

A Town Making a Turnaround

Today we say hello to our listeners on KTLO in Mountain Home, Arkansas.  Today’s feature is all about a town in there area making a turn around… SharePrintEmail

The Oasis in the Desert

Before Palm Springs was a resort town–before Palm Springs was really even a town, for that matter; movie stars began building their second homes here. So why did the rich and famous settle in the middle of a desert? SharePrintEmail

Crops For Those Who Aren’t Afraid of Heights

Some farmers need expensive, high tech equipment to harvest their crops.  This crop requires a very low-tech method of harvest…but it does help if you aren’t afraid of heights… SharePrintEmail

A Unique Farm

David’s farm is just 2 ½ acres in size…but that does not mean he’s not busy.  In fact, the crop he grows will require full time labor and nice earnings as well… SharePrintEmail

An Astronaut Program For Women

In the early 1980s, the United States put its first woman into space, a full two decades after space travel began.  So why didn’t women get their chance even though they had undergone astronaut testing as early as 1961… SharePrintEmail

Training Another Gender for Outer Space

The first man in space, the first man to orbit the earth, the first man to walk on the moon…you may know those pioneers and you may have never have given a second thought to the fact they are all men.  This U.S. researcher thought it should perhaps be the other gender who made those […]

The Worst Blizzard You Ever Experienced

If you are ever tempted to think the winter weather where you live is bad…just wait until you hear Brian Clark’s story.  Chances are he’ll easily be able to top the worst blizzard tale you have ever experienced… SharePrintEmail

Extreme Conditions At the Top of the Mountain

The warmest temperature ever recorded here was 72 degrees.  It once got down to 47 below.  Brian Clark’s job is to be stranded here a week at a time every winter… SharePrintEmail

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