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Triathlete for the weekend

Posted by: on September 27, 2012

Meet Ashley McCarty, a cattle farmer and Team Beef runner from Northeast Missouri. This is Ashley’s first post as a regular guest blogger here on She is a busy mother of two busy boys.  “I mother full-time, work part-time and work with my husband to take care of our farm and fifty cows.”  Whew, and now we’ve got her blogging too!? Let her know what you think of her post in the comments below.

Meet Ashley on Triathlon day!

You swam across Thousand Hills Lake?  Then biked 18 miles? Then ran 5 miles?  Such has gone the line of questioning from most everyone I have spoken to this month. In my second year as a member of Missouri Beef Industry Council’s Team Beef, I represented the team in the NEMO Triathlon near Kirksville, Mo. It was so fun to see the smiles of competitors and onlookers when they cheer on Team Beef.

If you are thinking, there is no way that will be me, let me interject. Competing in a sprint distance triathlon is an amazing but achievable challenge.  In the midst of our busy lives it was still possible to carve out a bit of time each week to swim, bike and run. As a long-time runner, it is actually a relief to change up the routine and engage the whole body. My body feels fit and strong while training for this multi-faceted sport.

Most competitors on the course aren’t ultra-athletes. I swam, biked and ran with individuals of all ages and abilities. What we shared was an interest in being fit and challenging ourselves. I only marginally improved my time from last year, finishing 45 seconds faster in a two hour and fifteen minute event. That is where I am in life, and I am so happy just to have the time and the health to compete. 

Representing Team Beef is a great way to connect the two things I invest my energy in to stay grounded and healthy. It was rewarding to represent Team Beef and the power of protein in healthy diets. To have the chance to proudly talk about the care we provide our cows and calves and the nutritional benefits of beef in our diets. While testing my own fitness and pushing myself outside my daily limits, I can share my confidence in beef as a healthy, and tasty, way to fuel our bodies. Next time you run or just have an active day, I’d encourage you to refuel with lean beef!

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One response to “Triathlete for the weekend”

  1. Mary Meyer says:

    Great guest blog post. It is an addition to Kaity’s recipes and supports beef as a healthy diet for everyone. Kaity thanks for having Ashley as a guest blogger.

    Mary Meyer, your beef raising neighbor down the road.